NHS Friends and Family Results

Answer Total
Very Good 356
Good 35
Very Poor 8
Poor 12
Neither Good Nor Poor 13
Don't Know 0
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Comment Date
Dealt with very thoroughly and appointment on time Thursday 30 November
Dr Rohma was brilliant with my daughter. Very understanding and explained everything very thoroughly. Appointment was on time. Generally positive experience. Wednesday 29 November
Really pleased that physiotherapist could see me for an appointment at the surgery to discuss my recent X-ray and discuss and a plan and the way forward Wednesday 29 November
Dr tahir was very helpful gave me a lot help with my problem Tuesday 28 November
The reception team are snooty and think they are medical professionals when they are not. Can never speak to a dr have to wait weeks for appointments. Blood tests come back as abnormal and the dr brush it off as normal so they don’t have to help. Can’t speak to dr about abnormal results and they don’t contact you with any results. Tuesday 28 November